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    The Future of Business in Dubai

    business setup in dubai

    Dubai has emerged as one of the leading economic hubs in the Middle East, mainly due to its open culture, strong infrastructure, no taxes and stringent enforcement of corporate laws and regulations.

    A major chunk of this success is because of the efficient legal system, which has greatly benefitted both the society as well as businesses in Dubai, ensuring transparency and provision. The relatively controlled and simple business regulations in Dubai have been a major influence for several SME’s coming in to existence as well as international companies setting up their offices during the past few years.

    However, due to the recent regional oil crisis and its subsequent economic slowdown, there has been much speculation and challenges surrounding the future of businesses in Dubai. Other regional cities competing with Dubai including Riyadh or Doha will need years to develop the kind of infrastructure, wealth, and resources to be able to sustain this kind of growth.

    The success of Dubai is supported by the pillars of development including an open and dynamic business environment, free trade zones, no business taxes and a highly favourable strategic location between Europe, South Asia and Far East. In addition, the ease of immigration and travel arrangements further enhance the growth of businesses and propagation of businesses in Dubai. Even during financial crises, the overall business environment in Dubai demonstrates robustness and resilience.

    With such exemplary growth, there are still a few pitfalls for even the most commercially experienced when setting up a new business or establishing regional offices. Although it is a simple process, it does require some legal advice regarding setting up regulations, any potential changes in law or commercial realities and hindrances.

    This is where Davidson & Co. excels, in keeping one step ahead always to be able not only to service private and corporate client needs as they arise but also to advise in advance of changes in the law, to maximise opportunities for clients, whilst at the same time protecting their interests. With over 50 years of combined experience in the region and a team of international consultants, Davidson & Co is primarily an enabler, that strives to deliver success for clients.

    If you would like to get advice on setting up a commercial entity, commercial transactions, or general legal advice, please get in touch with us at +971 4 343 8897 or click here to fill in our form and we will get straight back to you.

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    Legal Representation in the UAE


    The legal system in the UAE is geared towards creating a regulatory framework for a rapidly changing modern society. In fact, UAE’s increasing importance as an economic and cultural hub in the MENA region is also attributed to a strong legal and regulatory environment. Both international and domestic businesses are heavily dependent upon this dynamic legal setup, which shapes frameworks and regulations for this immense growth.

    Over the last decade, there has been an influx of local as well as international commercial enterprises in the country, which gave rise to a persistent need for legal guidance in terms of company setup, regulations, and processes. The increase in employment rates as well as the general population has also added to the consumer demand for legal service and advice.

    As a result of the increase in demand, several new law firms along with a few regional and international ones have commenced operations in the UAE. However, searching and selecting the best is getting difficult for clients seeking quality and affordable legal services, mainly because of the sheer number of firms.

    With a combined experience of over 50 years, Davidson & Co.’s success with SME’s and private clients in the region has been unparalleled so far. The team of lawyers and consultants includes legal professionals from the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, and the UAE, all of whom have assisted clients in all areas of commercial and private client law, including company registration, real estate consultancy, tax reclaim and debt recovery services.

    Choosing good legal representation in Dubai can be difficult and prove expensive. Taking in the full spectrum of local and international law firms in the city, a person or company looking for quality and affordable legal service can often have trouble finding satisfactory service.

    Davidson and Co is committed to provide its clients with hassle-free, high quality and fast legal services and advice concerning a broad range of legal matters including corporate acquisitions, employment and immigration, dispute resolution as well as family governance.

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    Davidson & Co Establishes Strong Working Relationship with Renowned British Law Firm in Mauritius


    Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a quite unique legal landscape. This is because it is a hybrid system comprising French Civil Codes and procedure and legislation predominantly influenced by English law.  Increasingly, companies and individuals are choosing to establish themselves in Mauritius, because of the excellent opportunities it offers for investment and trade. There are significant tax incentives for setting up structures in Mauritius in addition to an economic and political stability that is rare in Africa.

    Seeking to serve those companies and individuals, Thomas More International (TMI) has offices based in the islands main business community in Ebène, close to the capital city of Port Louis. Philip Tsalikis, Managing Director of TMI, is of the view that Mauritius will continue to become a more influential and powerful platform for business in the years ahead. “The progress of Mauritius over the last twenty years indicates that it will be the main rival to Singapore for conducting business and investment into Africa, the Middle-East, and Asia for the decades ahead. It has substance, it is cost-effective and it will continue to flourish”.

    Navigating Mauritius’s legal system is time-consuming and complex, and can involve significant costs and risks for those unfamiliar with the challenges it brings. TMI offers clients an unrivalled understanding of the Mauritian legal, political, and cultural spheres at all levels whilst maintaining the international standard expected of a British-led law firm. As a result, TMI’s clients can be confident that they will receive easily comprehensible, commercially sound, dependable advice and representation, regardless of the law and practice involved.

    TMI work in close association with Thomas More Chambers in London, Davidson & Co. in Dubai and a leading Mauritian set of Attorneys to cater to the needs of the international business community on the island.

    In relation to the international network of TMI, Jonathon Davidson, Founding Partner at Davidson & Co added, “We are delighted to be working on a number of exciting projects with TMI for our clients with business interests in Indian Ocean and surrounding jurisdictions. The synergy of our close collaboration will only enhance the services provided to our clients.”